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Welcome to my Radio Amateur Home Page.  I was first licensed in 1964, with periods of inactivity through the late 60's and mid-70's (college, military service, etc).  Once I settled down in the early 1980's, I obtained my advanced license as KB3MK (while living in Maryland).  I spent 3 years in England (working in the London area) as G5EEN (1981-1984).  Since my return to the states I've lived in Virginia, and I obtained my extra class license.   In the late 1990's when the FCC Vanity Call program started,  the opportunity arose to obtain a "4" call with my initials, so now I am W4RAH.

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This site is under construction.  I hope to have updates and additions periodically.  As a typical Ham collector (e.g. various and sundry items that no one else understands why you keep that thing...) I hope to post pictures and information of "historical" interest, along with some technical information that I have run across or developed.


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